Hadoop in clinical activities
Hadoop in clinical activities

The Medical industry almost contains unstructured data and organization, arrangement and filtration of these vast medical reports are impossible without the enormous technical capabilities of Hadoop. The processing part of Hadoop namely MapReduce assists to systemize medical reports, interaction with the medical practitioners, patients, arranging the lab outputs, economic information, experimental information, and operational results. The potential is practically everlasting, and new-fangled potential and functions for Hadoop are persistently growing. Hadoop is used for a lot number of applications for developing the life and medical industry. Applications like assisting medical practitioners, patients, custom-made healing arrangements, wrong medication  detection and testing of symptoms of patients according to the suspected disease.

Setting up of Custom-made Cure

Learning each patient’s pattern of weaknesses,and symptoms separately allow doctors plan the medical treatment of each patient separately. Analyzing the report of each patient’s medical history and new symptoms of each of their bodies by Hadoop helps patients to experience the superfluous and special care they  require.

Patient’s Help

Hadoop’s storage is very much secure and safe. Because the reports of each patient’s medical history are stored by Hadoop with proper protection, the patients can view their report history and updated patient report whenever required and can take preventive measures accordingly. Except the patient and the required medical authorities, no one else can access the patient’s particular medical history.

Controlling of Critical Indications by Patients:

The reports of each patient’s suffering from different diseases are arranged and stored in Hadoop very safe and in proper order. Since every symptom indicates to a certain disease, so whenever any patient suffers from any kind of symptom, the proper arrangement of the report by Hadoop easily tells which particular disease the patient is suffering from.

Helps in Analysis

The workload and time required by doctors to cure the patients has reduced a lot because of the participation of the Big Data and Hadoop. Implementation of this technology on medical has resulted in achieving results of  symptoms and occurrence of side effects. As a result, the medical practitioners are able to give more concentration to the research of the new diseases and give the proper kind of treatment on time every disease deserves.

Revealing of Scams

Scams in medical practices are very common today. Any abnormality that occurs during the treatment of the patients whether it be surgery or any other serious operations going on is detected easily using big data technology . For example, if the same type of prescriptions is given to different patients with different diseases, then the irregularity is detected and the medical authority is immediately notified.

The implementation of big data technology in health science has helped doctors as well as patients a lot in their  medication. In future, the implementation of this technology will help in preventing serious diseases like cancer. Hadoop helps to learn new diseases and their outcomes and help in providing their ultimate cure.  With the implementation of Hadoop in medical treatment, the medical practitioners are able to learn deep about diseases and plan the cure accordingly. The medical industry is able to make immense progress for treatments  with zero side-effects.


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