Collection Interview Questions


There is no Java Interview which can complete without Java Collection questions. If you are able to crack collection questions, your core Java is considered strong. This section would give you a complete set of Core Java Interview Questions. I would add the answers as well at some later point of time.

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 1: [/symple_highlight] What is the difference between Hashtable and HashMap?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 2: [/symple_highlight] How can we make HashMap synchronized?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 3: [/symple_highlight] How to implement Map to get an ordered/sorted Map?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 4: [/symple_highlight] What is the capacity and size() of an ArrayList?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 5: [/symple_highlight] What is difference between Vector and ArrayList?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 6: [/symple_highlight] What is difference between LinkedList and ArrayList?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 7: [/symple_highlight] What is the size of a Vector initially and how do you increase that? What is the capacity of Vector?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 8: [/symple_highlight] How to synchronize a List?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 9: [/symple_highlight] How to convert Arrays to a List ?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 10: [/symple_highlight] What is the difference TreeSet and SortedSet?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 11: [/symple_highlight] What are Collections and Arrays class?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 12: [/symple_highlight] What is Comparable and Comparator interface?

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