JDBC Questions


This post is all about the TOP Most JDBC interview questions. Interviewers mostly cover two or three very important questions from JDBC section which are must to answer for anyone. Here I am going to list down all the important questions related to JDBC section and at some point later would post answers as well.

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 1: [/symple_highlight] What is the difference between JDBC and ODBC?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 2: [/symple_highlight] What are the different Types of JDBC Drivers? Which one should be used generally and which one to use in 3-tier application?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 3: [/symple_highlight] What is the difference between Statement and preparedStatement ?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 4: [/symple_highlight] In which memory the query tree be loaded created by preparedStatement- DB or web server ?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 5: [/symple_highlight] When does the pre-compilation of queries happen?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 6: [/symple_highlight] What is the difference between thick and thin client?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 7: [/symple_highlight] What are the different kind of statement? Why and when can you use Callable ?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 8: [/symple_highlight] Where do we store stored procedures?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 9: [/symple_highlight] Connection, Statement and DriverManager – are these classes in Java or Interfaces?

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