JSP Questions


When it comes to JSP, this is really dependent on the interviewer that up to what extent they want to cover this JEE topic. Most of the legacy projects have heavily written JSP code and the interview for such projects, may lead you to a situation where JSP gets covered in depth. So here I am going to list down the TOP Most JSP Interview Questions:

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 1: [/symple_highlight] How to make JSPs thread safe?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 2: [/symple_highlight] Can a JSP extend/implement any class/interface?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 3: [/symple_highlight] What is the difference between forward and redirect?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 4: [/symple_highlight] What is the difference between include directive and action?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 5: [/symple_highlight] How can we use beans in a JSP ?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 6: [/symple_highlight] What are the three methods of a JSP? How many times jsp_init() gets executed?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 7: [/symple_highlight] What is the process of JSP loading and execution of a request? or Explain Life cycle of JSP.

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 8: [/symple_highlight] If an attribute is set in Application scope inside a JSP, how will you access it in a servlet?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 9: [/symple_highlight] How to call a servlet from a JSP?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 10: [/symple_highlight] How to declare a method in a JSP and call it for use?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 11: [/symple_highlight] What are custom tags in JSP?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 12: [/symple_highlight] What are the implicit objects in JSP?

[symple_highlight color=”gray”]Question 13: [/symple_highlight] Where do we store TLDs ?

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