Top 10 HR Interview Questions


Getting prepared for an interview always has been a ‘quest for survival’. Despite the fact that most of us are aware of certain basic questions interviewers ask, we fail to answer them. What makes this happen? Why it is that we fail to answer questions we live with, in our day to day life. Though we are aware about certain questions but sitting over the ‘hot seat’ in front interviewer takes everything off from our mind.

Another reason behind your failure could be answering a question that came out of the blues and left you all muddled. Let us take an example; we all are prepared to answer questions like, how you came to know about your job? What are your strength/weaknesses? Why should I hire you? Etc. These are certain questions you prepare really well but in between them you have that one question which leaves you nervous, for an instance let say, what makes you annoyed/angry? This question sounds so easy that we give any reply to it out of excitement and fail to realize the reason behind asking it.


There isn’t any right hand thumb rule but yes we definitely do have few questions and reason behind asking them in an interview. So let us have a look at few best interview questions of all time.

QUESTION 1 : Share an event/act that makes you feel most proud of yourself?

This question is usually asked at the end of interview. Reason behind this is to know what special characteristic you have. Success comes in installment and in various ways; you achieved 1st rank in 12th. You are proud of it while on other hand you passed in 12th despite you didn’t study (could be family function or ill health) can make you proud as well. Or it could be anything, all you need to keep in mind is, whatever it is, it must bring out a special you. While the first instance above shares you are good in studies the second one share that despite lack of time and power you managed to achieve the goal, i.e. you didn’t give up. So be confident and smart while answering this question.

QUESTION 2: If given a chance to be someone, who you would like to be?

This question is asked to understand what kind of thoughts, desires and targets you have in life. While replying to this just keep in mind, your desire should portray unstoppable, smart-working, good-working and strong willed personality. It could be ‘doremon or pokemon’ from cartoon network but the intention that you share to be them must be convincing enough, saying loud and clear, ‘you are the one company can rely on’.

QUESTION 3: If you have a billion in your hand how you’ll use it?
I accept, this sounds more like Mr.India or Miss.India question but this works really well. This small question has the capability to let interviewer excavate out real you and leave you messed. Be calm, take a deep breath and keep in mind, your company isn’t looking for a charitable guy, or the one who would keep that billion in locker and do his regular job. They need to see your smartness and confidence level. A good investor and a down to earth person is always a gem for company. They need to see how you invest them and utilize them to the best of ‘money’s potential’.

QUESTION 4: Why you left your last job?

This is my favorite question and the biggest mistake we do is, point out faults of our previous company. Don’t ever do that, interviewer very well knows that you are walking ahead because either you are unsatisfied or you are looking for growth, could be better salary or position. Be humble and accept the fact assuring him you’ll be a long term asset for the company. No company would recruit knowing the person would leave the job soon or is in habit of backbiting about his previous employer.

QUESTION 5: If selected the first thing you’ll do in this organization?

If you are a fresher than this question takeovers the fourth one and believe me I was asked this lot many times. However my reply to this always remained same ‘drinking water arrangement for those waiting for interview.’ I know you’ll be asking me did I get the job. That’s really not that important but yes I got a glass of water.

QUESTION 6: Who inspires you the most?

And my reply to this has been always someone from the dark. I mean a beggar, dog or anyone else in same queue, could be the peon standing outside cabin. The reason behind asking this question is to know what you think and how you take things. Following your reply interviewer would ask you, why? And I used to be like, dedication towards work, achievement of target etc. Keep in mind whatever your reply to answer is; narration must be beyond the world.

QUESTION 7: Your biggest mistake in life and have you overcome it?

He just wants to know how far you can judge yourself and your acts. Answer not necessary be something related to work but whatever you say, just be prepared for the backfire.

QUESTION 8: What’s your favorite tourist spot (alone or with partner)?

Don’t try to act smart and ask the interviewer, if he wants to know about destination with your partner or someone else’s partner, especially when you have a lady interviewing you. The reason behind this question is to peep inside you and see what inclines you but keep in mind; you must have knowledge about the place you mention.

QUESTION 9: What are you passionate about?

Whatever you reply is but make sure the results must be visible. Reply him saying ‘playing guitar’ but you must also have reply if he talks about guitar chords or asks about the best guitar to buy and why. Do not hit arrow in smoke, keep patience and be clear.

QUESTION 10: What makes you sit here today?
This one links with fourth and fifth question and he has the same reasons behind asking this question. So make your you don’t give a negative reply.

What’s the question you faced and would like to get added to the list here ? Leave it in the comments and we will add it to the article.

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