Core Java

  • String in Switch Statement-Java 7 Feature

    Rahul Goel - April 15, 2015
    Developers working on Switch-Case, often wonder why they can’t use Strings in switch statements. With many new features provided with Java 7.0 there is an enhancement in the implementation of switch statement as well. We can now use Strings in the switch statement. As I mentioned in one of my…
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  • Installation of Java – Step by Step Guide

    Shalini Goyal - March 26, 2015
    'How do I install Java', many beginners ask this question very often. So here we will see how to download the installer and install Java on any windows machine. We are doing this for Java 8 but if you wish to work on earlier version, the steps to install would…
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  • String Intern and Memory Usage

    Rahul Goel - February 15, 2015
    In this post, we will cover about java.lang.String.intern() and show some examples as well to understand the concept completely. Prior to that it is important to understand the concept of Strings in Java and String Pool. Learning that would make it easy to understand the usability of intern and the…
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  • Java Class Loaders and Process

    Shalini Goyal - November 28, 2014
    Class Loading is one of the basic concept of any programming language. Once you know this concept, you understand rest the Java concepts far better and it makes your life easier. You remember getting ClassNotFoundException any time in your code? Well, that's it !! It's the time to know why…
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  • Top five Java Books

    Shalini Goyal - September 7, 2014
    Top 5 Java Books - You Would Always Admire The best way to learn any programming language is to follow a book and do the practical along with that. That makes you understand the concepts and gives a good complete introduction to the subject. I am sharing my experience here with the Java…
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  • Java Serialization

    Shalini Goyal - September 6, 2014
    In this post I am going to cover the basic concept of Serialization. This is a must to understand topic if you need to work further on EJBs, Hibernate, JTA etc. Java Serialization is a way provided to convert java objects into streams i.e. sequence of bytes/data to be stored…
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  • Exception Handling

    Shalini Goyal - September 5, 2014
    As per Oracle specification - "An exception is an event, which occurs during the execution of a program, that disrupts the normal flow of the program's instructions." Lets try and understand what are the unexplored facts behind this single sentence. Frankly speaking, Exceptions are bad. To provide more details around…
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  • Cloning in Java

    Shalini Goyal - September 5, 2014
    Cloning an object essentially means exact copy of an object. its literal meaning is 'an identical copy'. In Java, it is supported with the help of Cloneable interface and the clone() method, which guarantees that memory address of both original and cloned object would be different. Before we go further,…
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  • All About Constructors

    Shalini Goyal - September 2, 2014
    Constructor of a class means declaring and defining a method with the same name of that of the class with no return value. It is primarily used to set the initial values for the class level attributes (also known as fields) and is the first one to get called when…
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  • Java for Beginners

    Shalini Goyal - March 7, 2014
    This post is for Java Beginners only; who are trying to learn Java and want to understand where to start with. Over here, I am trying to prepare a road-map for learning which should help. While learning Java, it is important that you stay focused on basics. Otherwise, you could…
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  • Queue Interface

    Shalini Goyal - September 11, 2014
    So far I have covered most of the stuff about Collection and it's interfaces like List, Set and Map. Queue interface is another important one which was added into Java API during version 1.5. Queue Interface Java 5 introduced queue implementations in the Collections framework. Queue implementations share a new…
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  • Map Interface

    Shalini Goyal - September 10, 2014
    So far we have already covered the basics of Collection API and some of its interfaces. In this post, I am going to discuss about Map interface and the classes which implement it. Few of the classes are used widely specially the ones which are ordered or sorted. Map Interface…
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  • Set Interface

    Shalini Goyal - September 9, 2014
    So far we have discussed about the Collection Interface and List Interface & its implementation Classes. Now we will move further to discuss the next important interface in Collection API which does not allow duplicate elements in any of its implementation. Let's have a look: Set Interface Java.util.Set implementations do…
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  • List Interface

    Shalini Goyal - September 8, 2014
    In my last post Collection API, I discussed the basics of Collection Framework and explained about the Collection Interface, few important methods it has and the Collection interface hierarchy. Now in continuation to that in this post, I am going to discuss the List interfaces and the classes which implement…
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  • Collection API

    Shalini Goyal - September 5, 2014
    What is a Java Collection Dictionary meaning of Collection is 'a group of objects accumulated in one location, especially for some purpose'. In java, collection is true realization of the meaning. Sometimes it is also defined in the manner as - It is a way to achieve the concept of…
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  • Collection Interview Questions

    Shalini Goyal - September 4, 2014
    There is no Java Interview which can complete without Java Collection questions. If you are able to crack collection questions, your core Java is considered strong. This section would give you a complete set of Core Java Interview Questions. I would add the answers as well at some later point…
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