Installation of Java – Step by Step Guide


‘How do I install Java’, many beginners ask this question very often. So here we will see how to download the installer and install Java on any windows machine. We are doing this for Java 8 but if you wish to work on earlier version, the steps to install would remain same.

1) First you need to download the installer of Java. For this go to the Oracle website and click on ‘I agree’ to accept the terms and conditions. After that click on the installer which you are looking to download and save that somewhere on your system. I have downloaded jdk-8u40-windows-x64.exe for Windows x64.

2) Now double click on this downloaded installer to begin the installation. You would see something like :

Java8 Installation - 1
Java8 Installation – 1

3) Next you would see screen showing ‘Development Tools’ selected. Let it remain as is.

Java8 Installation - 2
Java8 Installation – 2

4) You can the progress bar showing you the update. So wait until it gets over.

Java8 Installation - 3
Java8 Installation – 3

5) You have to choose the destination folder for the installation to take place. It can anywhere though I prefer the default path it is showing in the snapshot.

Java8 Installation - Step 4
Java8 Installation – Step 4

6) Just wait for the installation to finish.

Java8 Installation - Step 5
Java8 Installation – Step 5

7) Click on ‘Close’ once you see the below message on the pop up window.

Java8 Installation - Step 6
Java8 Installation – Step 6

Java has been installed now and you are ready to play around it. Is your installation complete for jdk 8 ?

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