Top five Java Books


Top 5 Java Books – You Would Always Admire

The best way to learn any programming language is to follow a book and do the practical along with that. That makes you understand the concepts and gives a good complete introduction to the subject. I am sharing my experience here with the Java books I have gone through. The order given below is based on my personal priority.

1) Head First Java
Author: Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates


Description: This book has the capability of changing your learning attitude. It is fun to learn Java with this book and it is the only one which does not let you sleep over it. (At least it did not let me :-))

If you are a person who prefers serious dry lectures over stimulating conversations with witty friends then you may prefer other books over it. For all the others this is one you will enjoy reading with all its funny images and captions. It also makes sure that its readers are actually learning along with. So this is definitely my number one choice among all.
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2) Complete Reference Book
Author: Herbert Schildt

Description: Complete Reference Is the book is quite suitable for any new beginner and a good overview of each topic with simple examples. It gives you top to bottom knowledge of all topics in simple manner. The people reading it for the first time might feel little boring but the explanation and the content is very good. All the concepts are very well
3) A Programmer’s Guide to Java 
Author: Khalid Azim Mughal, Rolf W.Rasmussen
Description: This book is a must to read Java book no matter you are preparing for Java Certification or not. This one is not for the beginners rather it is for the ones who already have understood the basic concepts of java and now looking for in-depth knowledge. It is actually gives a deep dive to the reader and throws the light on the concepts which are difficult to find covered in any other book. A book to keep forever in
your shelf.
4) Thinking in Java
Author: Bruce Eckel
Description: The book uses extensive use of long examples to demonstrate the various language concepts and features. Good insights, to the point and no unnecessary clutter text. It can be little difficult for new users or beginners to keep the patience with this book but if kept, this is very nice book to bring your knowledge to a very good extent.
5) Core Java 2: Fundamentals
Author: Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell
Description: This book is good for a beginner as well as for an experienced person to deep dive. It covers all the basic topics well and provides thorough coverage. I have kept this book in my shelf personally for quite a long time.

In the comments section below, share the Java book name you prefer most and love to read. Happy reading 🙂

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