5 Vital Reasons to Set Goals

“In life, as in football, you won’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are.” – Arnold H. Glasgow

Setting up goals in life does not sound very feasible to most of the people; specially the ones who are living a busy life already. Can you stop reading for a moment after this sentence and think for a minute – ‘Are you doing what you really want to do’?

In most of the cases, the answer is a ‘no’ or ‘not really’ and that states the fact that ‘You have not set your goals’.

Well, people having a professional career might still be setting up something in their goal setting formal process. But if you be honest, these goals get visited once or twice of the year, mostly when there comes the time to discuss ratings/rankings/promotions etc. So the question remains same. What are your goals – in life and in career. In fact, in every different aspect of your life – finance, health, recreational, relationship, spiritual and lot more.

If you don’t have any goals yet, here is why you should have goals chalked down:

#1.Goals allow you to ‘Be Yourself’

No one can breath for you! No one can eat for you! No one can sleep for you!

There are things which you can not delegate and setting up the goals is one. Someone else setting up your goals is either like spoon feeding or bossing you around. Don’t let that happen to you. Be it your office, home, work, social, kids, spouse or anything else; decide what you want for yourself. So just be what you are and think what is that ‘YOU’ want.

#2. Goals help you Focus

How many times in your life you reached to train-station/bus-stop/exam-center/office just in time? or just a few minutes later? If the answer is ‘most of the times’, then you are just like the other people in the world. Every human being looks at the target and then to reach there, we all find ways.

If there was not a fix time for your exam, probably you were going to be few more minutes late. But because of a set target time, you managed to reach there beating everything around which could have created the hurdle. So you have to have your goals set to actually get what you want to get. This would help you to see the target to achieve and brings that to your attention to focus there.


#3. Goals give you space to Stretch Yourself

We all do what we are capable of doing. But think about the time when you expand yourself, learn a new skill, a new recipe, new art, new dance form, new technology or anything which you have not tried before. That makes you grow further. Now when you set goals that means you want to achieve something you have not yet. That is when you get the opportunity to stretch and grow.

Take this as an example – If buying a new car is a goal, then you need to research and gain knowledge about it. What make, model, engine, color, capacity etc. So even before you buy the car, your learn the things in the process of buying the car and in turn stretch to walk that extra mile which helps you to go near your target.

#4. Goals are actually Purpose of your life

If you don’t have goals in your life, you don’t have a purpose. This is bitter truth. Sooner you accept it, better can be your life.
You exist on the earth and this very fact demands you the purpose of you being here. Make your life meaningful. Know that one thing you have a burning desire for and really want to achieve.

#5. Goals bring Satisfaction and Sense of Achievement

Even if you have not set goals as such, you keep progressing with time up to some extent. But if that ‘something’ you achieved would be set as a target, you would definitely get a topping on your goal and i.e. A Sense of Achievement. To feel satisfied, brain needs to know that you are doing something you ‘want’ to do. Specially the times, when you have something difficult to achieve, that brings more joy in your life.

Time for Action –
If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always gets what you’ve always got !
So the next time when you feel lazy about getting out of your comfort zone and setting up your goals, go back to these 5 reasons to remind you the need to know where you want to be in your life. Your greatest driving force would be to imagine the euphoria that you will experience once you’ve achieved what you always wanted.

So what are your goals for next month? or next one year or may just one week? Start thinking about ‘what’ you want do in your life and start setting your goals.

To help you further on ‘How to actually set up your goals’, I am going to write my next article where I would explain the tools to use for setting up your goals. For updates on the upcoming articles subscribe or like the FB page .

Don’t forget to leave the comment below if you agree/disagree on any of the above discussed idea and share your thought on why to have goals.

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  1. Wisely said Ms. Goyal…Chasing your goals go hand in hand with perseverance, hard work and ability to stay commited even after a failure.

    Human tendency is to procrastinate…setting goals prevents procastinaion, helps you prioritise and keeps you focussed. Remembering college days, when we could complete the entire book in a day right before the exam..but during normal days, we would delay finishing even a chapter. Similarly submiting assignments minutes before the deadline.