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This website simplifies various Java Topics and their usage, which are widely used by the Java Developers and Architects. Many of the Java frameworks and interview questions have also been covered here. The content provided throughout the web site is presented in a way that a beginner can grasp it easily and an expert can get benefited too.

The site is evolving with more topics, links  and useful information. We are sharing the success tricks and tips for the professionals to help them build their career and do better.

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  • JSP Introduction and Life Cycle

    Shalini Goyal - August 15, 2014
    JSP (Java Server Pages) basically separates the work of web designers and developers i.e. it separates 'User Interfaces' from 'Content Generation'. In this post, I am going to cover the…
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  • Armstrong Number

    Shalini Goyal - August 18, 2014
    Find out if a given Number is an Armstrong Number or not !!! It is quite common to get asked about a coding question these days. Interviewers have started preferring looking…
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  • All About Constructors

    Shalini Goyal - September 2, 2014
    Constructor of a class means declaring and defining a method with the same name of that of the class with no return value. It is primarily used to set the…
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  • Exception Handling

    Shalini Goyal - September 5, 2014
    As per Oracle specification - "An exception is an event, which occurs during the execution of a program, that disrupts the normal flow of the program's instructions." Lets try and…
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  • Collection API

    Shalini Goyal - September 5, 2014
    What is a Java Collection Dictionary meaning of Collection is 'a group of objects accumulated in one location, especially for some purpose'. In java, collection is true realization of the…
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  • Set Interface

    Shalini Goyal - September 9, 2014
    So far we have discussed about the Collection Interface and List Interface & its implementation Classes. Now we will move further to discuss the next important interface in Collection API…
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  • Java for Beginners

    Shalini Goyal - March 7, 2014
    This post is for Java Beginners only; who are trying to learn Java and want to understand where to start with. Over here, I am trying to prepare a road-map…
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  • Servlet Overview and Life Cycle

    Shalini Goyal - September 5, 2014
    What is a Servlet Servlet is nothing but a Java Class which services HTTP request. Consider servlet as a Java Class used to extend the capabilities of servers that host…
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  • PMD Plug-in for Eclipse

    Shalini Goyal - September 5, 2014
    10 Minutes Step by Step Guide to have PMD Plug-in and Ensure the Code Quality Ensuring the Code quality has always been a challenge in a developer’s life. Needless to…
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  • doGet() vs. doPost()

    Shalini Goyal - September 6, 2014
    In this post we are going to look at the details and difference between doGet() and doPost() methods. We have seen the servlet life cycle already in an earlier post…
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