FitNesse Step by Step Guide


What is FitNesse

FIT stands for Framework for Integrated Testing and is a popular framework for Acceptance Testing these days. FitNesse is a web wiki front-end to FIT and provides an integrated environment for writing and executing FIT tests. Let’s try to understand how this all is related to ATDD.

Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) is a development methodology based on communication between Developer, Tester and Customers. Now, before we answer the question, “What are acceptance tests”, let’s answer “What are unit tests?”, because it is easy to compare acceptance tests to unit tests.
Unit tests are written by developers. They are written as the developers develop code, before writing the code (using test driven development). They are written so that the developers know that their code works the way they intended it to work.
Acceptance tests are written by the customer which can include business analyst, project sponsor etc. Intent is to test features of the system. Intent is not to test that the code works the way developers intended it to work, but to make sure that the feature works the way the customer wants it.

What does FIT do

FIT makes it easy to run tests and focuses on testing the business rules and the business process workflow. Though, please note that it does NOT provide a way to create tests. We will see how to create and run the test cases to run with FIT once we have covered the basics of installations and getting the FitNesse ready for use.

How to Install and set up FitNesse

FitNesse is a web-based server. Therefore, in order to access it, you do not need local set up of software. Any browser can be used to access FitNesse.

Step 1) Begin by installing the Java VM which comes with the Developer Desktop IDE.

Detailed steps have been covered in an earlier post : Installation of Java – Step by Step guide

Step 2) Download FitNesse Jar. You need to download the FitNesse Jar and save it in any of the directory on your machine.

FitNesse Jar Download
FitNesse Jar Download

Step 3) Launch Command Window and Go to the directory where you saved the jar.

Step 4) Execute the command:
java –jar fitnesse-standalone.jar

FitNesse Run Cmd
FitNesse Run Cmd

Step 5) Access FitNesse by Going to any browser on your machine and Open http://localhost:8080/

FitNesse Run on Browser
FitNesse Run on Browser

Hope you are all set to use FitNesse now as in the next article we will learn to use it. Till then keep it ready to be used 🙂

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