Jenkins Installation – Step by Step Guide


Lets first try to understand ‘what is Jenkins’ and ‘why do we need it’. So to state simply, Jenkins (formerly known as Hudson) is the CI (Continuous Integration) tool which is very popular these days. Jenkins is a “continuous integration server” that monitors repeated executions of jobs, such as building and testing of software projects, and can be used to build applications and frameworks. It is an open source project and can be used at no cost or license.

The basic purpose of Jenkins is to enable developers to find and resolve the defects in the code rapidly and to automate the testing of their code builds.

Steps To Install Jenkins

1) To download the windows installer of Jenkins, go to the site and on the right side of the page there is Native Package ‘Windows’ option to download. Click on that and it will allow you to download the installer. Save this installer to your local machine and double click on that to run the installer.

2) Clicking on installer would kick off the Jenkins set up.

Jenkins Setup - 1
Jenkins Setup – 1

3) Mention the destination folder you would like Jenkins to install.

Jenkins Setup - 2
Jenkins Setup – 2

4) It will then ask you to click ‘Install’ when you are ready to begin the installation at specified path.

Jenkins Setup - 3
Jenkins Setup – 3

5) While it is doing the installation, you should wait for let it finish.

Jenkins Setup - 4
Jenkins Setup – 4

6) Once the installation is complete, it will prompt you for the completion of it and you can click on Finish.

Jenkins Setup - 5
Jenkins Setup – 5

7) To verify that it has installed and working fine, open up a browser and try running Jenkins’s home page at “http://localhost:8080”

and that’s it really !!

Your Jenkins installation is successfully complete if you see it running on port 8080. Next is the configuration for your project to make continuous builds and we will see that in upcoming posts. Till then keep Jenkins up and running 🙂

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