• JSP Directives

    Shalini Goyal - September 5, 2014
    Directives provide instructions to the JSP container and affect compiling of the JSP page. Though there are mainly three types of directives named as 'page directive', 'include directive, and 'taglib directive', but I am going to cover few more along with them. [table caption="JSP Directives Table" width="750" colwidth="10|50|50|50" colalign="left|left|left|left"] no.,JSP…
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  • Handling JSP Errors

    Shalini Goyal - August 16, 2014
    To handle the JSP errors, lets have a look of the different types of errors first. There are two types of errors in JSP: 1) Translation Time Errors and 2) Request Time Errors Translation Time Errors These errors occur when a JSP is first requested and goes through the initial…
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  • JSP Introduction and Life Cycle

    Shalini Goyal - August 15, 2014
    JSP (Java Server Pages) basically separates the work of web designers and developers i.e. it separates 'User Interfaces' from 'Content Generation'. In this post, I am going to cover the basics of JSP, Hello World code sample, JSP Life Cycle, Components and exception/error handling. What is a JSP A JSP…
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